Supplies for Watercolor Classes with Sue Rau

Spring, 2017





Large wash brush 1 Langnickel is nice but somewhat pricey. You may use Hake brushes. They come usually in a set of 3. They are also nice, and cheaper. Both work.


All brushes are short-handled.


#1 Long liner or rigger brush (they serve the same purpose)

#6 round

#20 Flat or Royal (the $2.99 kind)




I use Winsor-Newton and Da Vinci paints. Some These two are the ones I like.


Reds: Permanent Rose     


Blues: French Ultramarine                        Cobalt Blue


Yellows:        Lemon Yellow          New Gamboge


Burnt Sienna




140 pound or higher or a block of Strathmore watercolor paper


General Supplies


Kneaded eraser, palette,

paper towels, water container,

pencil, tracing paper, drawing paper