Beginning Watercolor Supply List

Susan Rau 2012


Burnt Sienna                                                      Permanent Rose

Ultramarine Blue                                               Aureolin

I use Da Vinci or Winsor & Newton brand paints.

Larger tubes are more economical!


#8 Round 

#12 Round

Large Flat for washes

#1 Rigger or Liner

 Brushes are soft and short-handled. You can have as many brushes as you like. These are just to get you started.

 Loew Cornell are your best brushes.


 140 lb. paper

General Supplies:

 Drawing paper (tablet)                                       Paper towels

Pencil                                                                   Tape (masking)

Palette                                                                 Board to work on (foamcore will work)

Water container                                               

Kneaded eraser