Beginner Class Supplies

Susan Hanna Rau

Paint: I strongly suggest DaVinci brand

Aureolin or Cadmium Yellow

Ultramarine Blue

Permanent Rose

Burnt Sienna


140 pound cold or soft press Uno Fabriano


˝ inch Loew-Cornell #7530 Wash Brush

#12 Loew-Cornell #7020 Ultra-Round Brush

#10 Loew-Cornell #7020 Ultra-Round Brush

Basic Supplies:

Paper Towels                              Water Container

Palette                                          Tracing paper

Masking tape                              Drawing tablet

Pencil                                           Board to put paper on – foam core will do



Jerry’s Artarama          or 1-800-U-ARTIST (827-8478)

ASW                               or 1-800-995-6778

(Jerry’s and ASW have joined, so if one does not have it, try the other).

Cheap Joe’s                 or 1-800-227-2788

 PDF of this list for easy printing